Wishes from all over the world

In this festive season, synchro skaters are spending some time with their family and take this opportunity to relax and recover before the international competitions. Before going to holidays, teams sent great pictures to the community.

From Canada to Finland, but also other countries as France or Croatia… Teams took Christmas pictures. Discover a few of them now!

Cool Dreams (SUI), Crystal Blades (FIN), Edmonton Edges (CAN), Haydenettes (USA), Gold Ice Eclipses (CAN)

Ice Diamonds (ITA), Ice Intrepid (CAN), Jingu Ice Messengers (JPN), Kids on Ice (NED), Les Suprêmes (CAN)

NEXXICE (CAN), Olimpia Team (ITA), Revolutions (FIN), Rockettes (FIN), Shining Blades (ITA)

Hyvää joulua meidänkin joukkueen puolesta❤️🎄!

Une vidéo publiée par Dream Steps (@dreamstepsevt) le

Sweet Mozart (AUT), Team Fintastic (FIN), Team Unique (FIN), Zazous (FRA), Zoulous (FRA), Zagreb Snowflakes (CRO)

More wishes? Look at our videos!