After the emotion of victory, Marilyn Langlois reacts to Les Suprêmes' gold medal win


Coaches Pascal Denis and Marilyn Langlois celebrate their 3rd world medal. Amélie Brochu also works with Les Suprêmes Seniors. (Credits: Paul Carrolo, UnisonPhoto - 2024).

With three consecutive gold medals at the World Championships, Les Suprêmes Seniors from Canada are certainly continuing the road to success. Interview and reaction from coach Marilyn Langlois.

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With three gold medals in a row, Les Suprêmes make history! What is your reaction after this weekend in Croatia?

Marilyn Langlois: "We are extremely proud and happy to participate in creating historic moments which, we hope, will help us promote the discipline by showing that it is possible to create repeat champions while having an approach where the well-being of the athlete is put first. We also hope that this will also help to create a positive buzz to influence future applications for the Olympics!”

“One of our skaters cut her Achilles tendon on Saturday before leaving”

What did you say to your athletes following their performances?

"We asked them if they had fun. And we told them again that we were extremely proud of them. By the way, one of our skaters cut her Achilles tendon on Saturday before leaving... she wasn't in the rotation, and we learned on the Sunday of departure that she wouldn't be able to skate. So we have two skaters who learned two new positions in just 3 practices... in short, they were extraordinary!"

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What do you think were the strengths of your senior team this season?

“The trust that we developed between our athletes and us, the coaches, but also between them, the teammates, and above all, in the process which allowed them to evolve in a mode of continuous mutual assistance constantly.”

A junior gold medal, then a senior ... what is the secret of the Supremes? Have you changed anything in your staff or your preparation in recent years to reach such a level?

“I believe that with the pandemic, we had the opportunity to learn to communicate better and then we decided to focus on the individual improvement of each athlete (on and off skate), while continuing to push our discipline on an athletic level with artistic concepts."

“We have always had international skaters […] however, we have more requests than before”
This season, the team included 4 international skaters. (Credits: Paul Carrolo, UnisonPhoto - 2024)

Have you had more international skaters joining your teams in recent years?

"No, we have always had international skaters, it's not new for us. However, we have more requests than before. For the 2023-2024 season, we had a French skater (her eleventh year with us), a Japanese girl (second year), a Swiss and an American who were doing their first season with us."

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The summer period is coming. What will the next few months look like for your teams?

"Break! Gala for our club, and then in May, we start again with our annual schedule."