At Worlds, "we want to enjoy every moment"


Team Ice United and their "Inner Fire" program.

In a few days, the senior Team Ice United will be waving the Dutch flag on the world stage. The team will represent the Netherlands at the World Championships. Interview!

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The World Synchronized Skating Championships are knocking on our door. The season's most anticipated event will take place Friday and Saturday in Lake Placid, USA. 

For the Netherlands, Team Ice United has been selected. How did you learn the news?

After two competitions, we led the rankings with a total score of 156,45 points skated at the French Cup. With the highest total score until now, the other Dutch team could only pass us by getting a higher total score at the Spring Cup. They didn't. Therefore we won the qualification competitions pointed out by our federation. So after the free program at Spring Cup, we knew that we would be the one representing The Netherlands at the WSSC in Lake Placid.

At the beginning of the season, our federation pointed out three world qualification competitions in which both Dutch teams could participate. For this season, the Mozart Cup, French Cup and Spring Cup were selected. The best short program score and the best free program score of each team in any of those three competitions will be added together. The team with the highest score overall will get the ticket for the Worlds if the total score passes a predetermined bar set by the federation.

Can you tell us about your two programs this season? 

We skate our Short Program to Fix You by Coldplay. The theme of this program, ‘Inner Fire,’ represents finding your inner fire and being fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Our Free Program ‘Translunar Triumph’ is about the journey of the first woman going to the moon, starting from a dream to intensive training to actually landing on the moon.

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"For Worlds, we are working on the details"
You will participate in your 3rd World Championships this year (after 2016 and 2022). What will be your goal this season? 

Yes, this is our 3rd World Championship after 2016 in Budapest and 2022 in Hamilton. Our goal this season is to improve ourselves compared to last season. But overall, to enjoy every moment we have with each other. For Worlds, we are working on the details of our programs so that we can hopefully show some more improvement in both our technical and components scores.