The season resumes in Finland; here's what we know about the new themes


Dream Edges is starting its second season as a Senior team this fall. (Credits: Dream Edges / Ville Vairinen - 2022)

With October upon us, the Finlandia Trophy is just around the corner. The international competition that launches each year the synchro season, will take place on Saturday, October 8th in Finland. Senior teams will compete with their short programs only.

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The Finlandia Trophy will see ISU senior teams competing for the first time this season with their new short programs. What to expect? What do we know so far?

On the Team Unique side, no official program announcement has been made yet. However, the Finnish federation informed us a few weeks ago that Mirjami Penttinen's team will skate a short program entitled "It ain't over". For the free program, we should expect a performance on the struggle for self-esteem and self-acceptance. 

Team Unique starts the season with a pretty new team as nine skaters ended their careers at the end of last season. Mirjami Penttinen told Skating Finland that very experienced junior skaters have replaced them. Tuulia Niittuinperä, who is skating her fourth season with the team, will be the captain of Team Unique this season.

Same situation for Marigold IceUnity: the programs' themes have not yet been officially announced six days before the Finlandia Trophy. Nonetheless, the team of Anu Oksanen posted a "sneak peek" on Instagram on Friday: dark music with sounds of creaking doors. 

Also, note that former captain Tessa Tamminen also ended her career with the team in the spring. 

The Helsinki Rockettes and Dream Edges Senior are the only teams that have already revealed their two programs for this season.

Kaisa Arrateig's team will skate "Breathe" next weekend for the short program. Their free program this season will be "Requiem", promising a spiritual and powerful choreography. 

Dream Edges will skate "Seili" for the free program and will previously present "The Shackles of Gender" next weekend as a short program.

Finally, the Lumineers will experience their first season as an Elite 12 team. Their short program is called "Disco".

Stay tuned on Jura Synchro to learn more about this team very soon!