An unusual team needs help


The Jura Synchro team ready to cover the World Championships last April in Hamilton, Canada. 

And this time, we're not really talking about a synchro team but about your own Jura Synchro team.


To be able to continue its activities, Jura Synchro launches its fundraising campaign. Why do we need your help? How can you support us? Find out more by clicking here.

It is with a lot of heart that Jura Synchro has been offering you free, quality news for seven seasons now. To continue its activities as well as possible, the editorial staff today needs your help and is launching a crowdfunding project.

If each person who follows the news of Jura Synchro during the season gave 1$ or 1 EUR, the editorial staff could continue to live for several seasons. It's up to you to play via the Gofundme platform! It's safe and really very easy to do.

Created in July 2015, Jura Synchro has one main goal: to show the beauty and magic of synchronized skating worldwide. We founded this platform with heart, and the editorial staff has been working ever since on a volunteer basis to deliver the best possible and quality information about this sport. As in any other sector, this approach is unfortunately not sustainable in the long term, and we have now to find solutions so that your specialized media that you have been following since the beginning can continue to exist in the years to come.

You should also know that our editor-in-chief is pregnant! And what's more, with twins! It will be difficult for her to take care of everything alone this season. After so many years, our two founders and future parents, who have put so much love and time into making synchronized skating known, now need your help! A team effort, in a way. And we assure you the donations will not finance the babies' diapers but will support the correspondents, photographers and journalists who work and give their time to Jura Synchro.

What will my contribution be used for?
The amount raised will ensure the functioning of Jura Synchro during a season by paying all the people who throw their heart and soul and spend hours into the project to create news and make interviews and podcasts, or update the website with photos taken by passionate photographers. Without forgetting, of course, the coordination of all this little family!

In short, your help will be used to ensure the publication of articles and news this season and thus to continue the activities of Jura Synchro with as much heart and quality.

Beyond this financing project...
... it is also a whole sport that we wish to support. Indeed, on Jura Synchro, apart from the news, there are thousands of archives, a calendar, results, photos and information that deserve to be preserved in order to keep track of the teams' achievements and events, but also which will be very valuable if the sport becomes Olympic one day.

Your donation will also guarantee the maintenance of the IT infrastructure currently in place, allowing you to get all this info from anywhere in the world.

Amelie and Remo, the two founders of Jura Synchro, created the network out of love for synchro skating. (Credits: R. Meier - 2019)

Thank you very much for your support
To support us, click here so you can donate on the Gofundme platform. No account is needed, it's super simple to do, and the site is available in multiple languages. 

If you would like more info on the funding project or Jura Synchro in general, write to us, and we will be more than happy to answer.