A good opportunity for the Swiss teams


Starlight Junior from Zürich Oerlikon. (Credits: Starlight Teams - 2021)

Ten Swiss teams presented on Sunday their programs live at the Localnet Arena in Burgdorf, without spectators and with masks for some of them.

The Swiss teams in the Senior ISU, Junior ISU, Novice Advanced, Novice Basic, and Juvenile categories found a semblance of normality and competition on Sunday!

The ten teams skated their programs during the "SYS Test Skate," an event organized in Burgdorf by the synchronized skating commission of Swiss Ice Skating.

Without any spectators, and by respecting a strict sanitary protocol, the national teams presented their work. A good opportunity for these athletes who haven't had any possibility of participating in competitions this season due to the pandemic.

The public was able to follow the 13 programs thanks to a video broadcast. 

For example, spectators enjoyed the emotional short program of the Starlight Junior skating with masks or even discover the improvement made by the youngest novice skaters.

The new Cool Dreams Juniors team was also able to present its two programs: an energetic short program to the song "Hustle" by Pink and a calmer free program called "Mirror Mirror".

"It was great, the short program has music that gives energy, and suddenly the atmosphere inside the program becomes really cool. With the long program, you can convey more emotions and it's really good too!" said Julie Bart, skater in the Cool Dreams Juniors.

"We notice that the atmosphere is different from other competitions. Indeed, there is not the public, we do not hear anyone cheering us on, and it is really this side of the competition that we miss. There are still some rules to be observed because of the Covid, so it means that we cannot, for example, hug each other," continued Julie.

The teams had to skate both programs, plus the official warm-up on the same day. No awards ceremony could be organized.

The afternoon was also highlighted by the performances of the only Senior ISU team in Switzerland. The Starlight from Zurich ended the day glad by their programs.

"I never imagined being so happy to participate in a synchronized skating event taking place just 40 kilometres from my home and without any audience. Yet in this difficult season, being able to get on the ice as a team, present the fruit of our efforts made in recent months and receiving feedback on this work is very precious to us!" explained Léa Mottier, member of the team.

“Of course, a whole bunch of things that usually make the magic of synchro competitions are missing, but, given the circumstances, we really enjoyed this day. Being fully aware of how lucky we were to have been able to keep going, training us throughout the season, and present, at least once, our two programs to judges. That allowed us to skate with serenity and energy", continued the senior skater.

Apart from Sunday's performances, the Starlight Senior are also satisfied to have been able to keep the motivation to train hard throughout this very special season. "We are now looking to the next season, with the hope that it will unfold in a slightly more normal way," concluded Léa.